Enjoy the six hot springs overlooking the valley and the taste of local production for local consumption.


Oigami Hot Springs, Gunma Prefecture Goroukaku was chosen as one of the top 100 open-air baths in Japan.
This popular inn has two mixed-gender open-air baths, including Akagi-no-Yu Yu.

There is also a private open-air bath, a small cozy open-air bath, and two indoor baths that can be used in shifts.
You can enjoy touring the baths even just within the inn.

Oigami's hot springs are beauty baths! The smooth, simple alkaline spring water will leave your skin feeling silky smooth!

The food is made with passion for local production and consumption, and is made with plenty of seasonal vegetables, river fish, and wild plants.
Dishes that are good for both the body and the soul.

There are no services like in the city, but it feels like coming back to the countryside.
Please come and visit us

Recommended Plan

  • 《Goroukaku Hospitality plan》Enjoy the bounty of the land!

    Our motto is "local production for local consumption," and we hope to bring out the best in our ingredients and provide you with enjoyable meals.
    Our head chef puts his heart and soul into making each and every dish.

    The dishes change seasonally.
    Please try it with different seasons!

    *This facility is located on a slope, so there are inevitably steep stairs.
    People with bad legs may not be satisfied with the experience.
    I hope you enjoy the open-air bath!

    ――――◆ *meal* ◆――――
    For up to two people, dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.
    For parties of three or more, meals will be served in private rooms.
    <Menu example >
    Appetizers, appetizers, vinegared dishes, simmered dishes, steamed dishes, hotpot dishes, sashimi, ceramic plates, fried dishes
  • 《One free private open-air bath plan》Enjoy a luxurious moment with in-room dining and a private open-air bath.

    You can rent the open-air bath exclusively.
    Treat yourself, your partner, and your family to some luxury time!

    ――――◆ *Special Advantages* ◆――――
    1. Private open-air bath for 30 minutes!
     Reservations are accepted at check-in

    2. Get a drink voucher!
     Available during your stay

    3. Check out is at 11am!
     Enjoy the luxury of taking a nap after breakfast.☆
  • 《A leisurely trip for adults》Book a room near the elevator! Healthy food for your body and a healing journey full of hot springs

    Recommended for adults who want to enjoy hot springs.

    ――――◆ *Special Advantages* ◆――――
    We will provide you with a room as close to the elevator as possible.

    *This facility is located on a slope, so there are inevitably steep stairs.
    People with bad legs may not be satisfied with the experience.
    I hope you enjoy the open-air bath!

    ――――◆ *meal* ◆――――
    For up to two people, dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.
    If there is availability, we also accept private office positions.
    For parties of three or more, meals will generally be served in private rooms.Depending on the reservation situation, we may ask for a room.


  • Oigami Onsen Market will be held every morning from April 20th to November 20th.

    Venue:Parking lot in front of Orochi Mikoshi Exhibition Hall
    Time:From 6:00 to 7:30
    ※Canceled in case of stormy weather※

    Local agricultural products and processed goods are lined up.
    Conversation with the salesperson is also a reason for its popularity!

    Depending on the store, there are places where you can pay for the product with "PayPay" or "Numata City Electronic Regional Currency tengoo"!

    1 minute walk from our hotel to the morning market!
    , go out.
  • Poppy picking experience held!

    The poppy fields in Oigami Onsen are now in full bloom

    The popular "Poppy Picking Experience" will be held on June 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th.
    The event will be held from 10:00 to 15:00
    Participation fee starts from 100 yen

    How about taking a commemorative photo in a poppy field?

About the free shuttle bus "Jao-go"

  • Customers using Numata Station, Jomo Plateau Station we can take the shuttle bus Jao-go

    ※Jao-go is a reservation system.
    Please make reservations by telephone to Goroukaku by 15:00 the day prior to your stay.

    ■Pick up, "Jomo Plateau station" 14: 00 → "Numata Station" 14: 20 → "Goroukaku"
    ■Sending "Goroukaku" from 9:45 to 10:00 → "Numata Station" → "Jomo Plateau Station"

    Since it operates jointly at several inns, it will be called "Jao-go" on the day of the event.
    Please tell the reservation name to the bus that is being written and board the bus.

About bringing in alcoholic beverages

  • This facility is a Japanese-style accommodation facility that also offers dinner as a restaurant business.

    Basically, please refrain from bringing in alcoholic beverages.
    If you bring it in, you will be charged a carry-on fee.

    ~Carry-on fee for alcoholic beverages~
    ·A bottle of sake:2,000 JPY ·720 ml bottle of liquor:1,000 JPY ·Shochu bottle:1,000 JPY
    ·Whiskey bottle:1,500 JPY ·Wine/ /Champagne full bottle:1,500 JPY
    ·Canned beer, etc.:200 yen (The carry-on fee includes the general waste disposal fee.)

    Please understand.


  • Made with passion"Fukiware Cidrerie"

    Made at a cider brewery in Tone Town, it Numata City, adopts traditional European manufacturing methods, and carefully hand-crafts each one to make the most of the original taste of the fruit. Aged, passionate cider.

    Please understand that the ciders we can offer vary depending on the season.

    Since the number of dealers is limited, please enjoy eating Fukiware Cider Lee when you stay at this facility.

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602 Oigami, Tone Town, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture

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【Train】50 minutes from Numata Station (with pick-up service) 20 minutes from "Car"Numata IC toward Nikko

Pick-up presence (condition)
Jomo Plateau 14:00 Numata Station 14:20 Reservation required by 17:00 the day before
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