Enjoy the six hot springs overlooking the valley and the taste of local production for local consumption.


Oigami Hot Springs, Gunma Prefecture, Goroukaku was selected as one hundred national outdoor Oigami Hot Springs, Gunma Prefecture
There are 3 outdoor baths, private outdoor baths and 2 public baths, including open-air bath "Akagi-no-Yu".
The outdoor bath is a source sprinkling of the Oigami Onsen, the spring quality is a smooth simple spring.
Cooking is a passion for the local production local consumption, a seasonal mountain food, river fish, delicious dish which abundantly used good body-friendly vegetables collected by contract farmers of Gunma.
We look forward to serving you with all your heart.Please heal the daily fatigue.

Recommended Plan


  • The 10th Oigami Onsen Surprised Hina Decoration

    Holding period From February 18, 2023 to March 26
    Venue Numata City Tone Tourist Hall and Oigami Onsen Participating Inns
    Opening hours 9:30 to 16:00
    ※Open until 12:00 on the last day
    Management cooperation fee 100 yen 

    1 minute walk from our hotel to the venue!
    Over 7,000 pretty Hina dolls are displayed in the venue!
    Enjoy the festival with the hina dolls.
  • We will give you a discount ticket for the ski lift 1-day ticket.

    We give discount coupons for one-day ski lift tickets to guests staying at this facility.
    If you have a preferred ski resort, please let us know at check-in.
    Ski lift 1-day ticket will be "regular price → discount ticket price".

"Aigo Gunma Nationwide Discount" - Until June 30th!

  • If you make a reservation directly from the official website, you can use the "Aigo Gunma Nationwide Discount"

    【About implementation】 ※Announced on March 16, 2023
    ~ Until June 30, 2020 (Friday) accommodation
    ※Not eligible for discounts from 4/29 to 5/7※

    Coupons that can be used at member stores in the prefecture
    Weekdays:2,000 JPY / / Holidays:1,000 JPY

    ※As soon as the budget ends, the reservation acceptance ends.

    - How to use -
    If you made a reservation directly from the official website, please issue a discount coupon on the discount site (STAYNAVI) after completing the reservation, and present it to the hotel at check-in.

About the free shuttle bus "Jao-go"

  • Customers using Numata Station, Jomo Plateau Station we can take the shuttle bus Jao-go

    ※Jao-go is a reservation system.
    Please make reservations by telephone to Goroukaku by 15:00 the day prior to your stay.

    ■Pick up, "Jomo Plateau station" 14: 00 → "Numata Station" 14: 20 → "Goroukaku"
    ■Sending "Goroukaku" from 9:45 to 10:00 → "Numata Station" → "Jomo Plateau Station"

    Since it operates jointly at several inns, it will be called "Jao-go" on the day of the event.
    Please tell the reservation name to the bus that is being written and board the bus.

About bringing in alcoholic beverages

  • This facility is a Japanese-style accommodation facility that also offers dinner as a restaurant business.

    Basically, please refrain from bringing in alcoholic beverages.
    If you bring it in, you will be charged a carry-on fee.

    ~Carry-on fee for alcoholic beverages~
    ·A bottle of sake:2,000 JPY ·720 ml bottle of liquor:1,000 JPY ·Shochu bottle:1,000 JPY
    ·Whiskey bottle:1,500 JPY ·Wine/ /Champagne full bottle:1,500 JPY
    ·Canned beer, etc.:200 yen (The carry-on fee includes the general waste disposal fee.)

    Please understand.


  • Made with passion"Fukiware Cidrerie"

    Made at a cider brewery in Tone Town, it Numata City, adopts traditional European manufacturing methods, and carefully hand-crafts each one to make the most of the original taste of the fruit. Aged, passionate cider.

    Please understand that the ciders we can offer vary depending on the season.

    Since the number of dealers is limited, please enjoy eating Fukiware Cider Lee when you stay at this facility.

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602 Oigami, Tone Town, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture

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【Train】50 minutes from Numata Station (with pick-up service) 20 minutes from "Car"Numata IC toward Nikko

Pick-up presence (condition)
Jomo Plateau 14:00 Numata Station 14:20 Reservation required by 17:00 the day before
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