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Hospitality with seasonal taste using Gunma prefecture-made ingredients

Gunma Prefecture offers a variety of seasonal mountain delicacies, river fish, and produce from contracted farmers.
Our head chef will use his skill to prepare a multi-course meal using freshly procured vegetables.
(From 3 people, we will prepare a room meal or a private restaurant.)

Cooking that you can enjoy the taste of the season

  • Dishes that are particular about local production for local consumption

    A variety of Gunma's seasonal mountain delicacies and river fish are purchased from contracted farmers.
    Our head chef will prepare a multi-course meal using fresh vegetables with great skill.

    Especially for vegetables, we use seasonal fresh vegetables directly purchased from contract farmers.
    Vegetables grown with organic fertilizer are popular because they are safe to eat and delicious.
  • Four seasons kaiseki meal set dinner example

    A variety of dishes that take advantage of the deliciousness of each season.
    The chief chef will prepare it by waving his arms.

  • A gentle breakfast for the start of the day

    We will prepare a "body-friendly breakfast" to start your day's activities.
    Digestion good Goroukaku in the stomach of waking up Goroukaku enjoy pride of the "delicious porridge".
  • Would you like to join us for dinner?

    We also offer carefully selected local sake.

Additional cooking and celebration options

Because there are things that you can not prepare on the day,
Advance reservation is recommended.
  • Joshu Beef Japanese style steak

    1 serving about 150g ¥3,500(Tax included)
  • Raw fish sashimi

    (1 to 2 servings) 1 plate 3,300 yen(Tax included)
  • Charcoal grilling of maitake

    Aroma high, Oigami of the Oigami
    Enjoy black and rare white Maitake mushrooms over charcoal grill
    3,500 yen per car(Tax included)
  • Bone wine of rockfish

    2,800 yen for 1 person(Tax included)
  • Deep fried rocky fish

    Deep fried rocky fish
    With salt and pepper, refreshingly
    From the head to the tail you can eat without leaving any bones

    1,400 yen per animal(Tax included)
  • Salt-grilled river fish

    1 person ¥1,400(Tax included)

    ※You can choose "rock fish" or "sweetfish" depending on the season.
  • Pastry chef decoration cake

    It is a decoration cake No. 4 (12 cm in diameter) for birthdays and celebrations made by pastry chefs.
    Please order by the day before.

    4 size 1 unit 3,700 yen(Tax included)

    You can put your name in hiragana on the plate.
    Please let us know the required number of candles.

    *Orders cannot be placed from December 20th to 25th.
  • Celebration flower arrangement

    It will be a festive flower arrangement.
    Please specify your favorite flower and color.

    3,300 JPY(Tax included)